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Road Safety and Patrols

Senior pupils serve as our Road Patrol and children must use the school crossing
Caregivers are encouraged to use the crossings to set a good example

Caregivers are requested to park cars on the school side of the road to load and unload children; if parking across the street please ensure children use the marked crossings.

In the interests of pupil safety, caregivers are also requested to refrain from:

  • Parking on the yellow dotted lines

  • Parking on or across the school crossing or entrance ways

  • Doing U-turns by the crossing patrols

  • Riding bikes across the pedestrian crossing

  • Driving vehicles through the school grounds during school time

  • Riding bikes through the school grounds

Patrol Times

When parking outside the school please ensure that you park in the designated parking spaces

School PatrolTime
Chambers street crossing only8.00am – 8.45am
Chambers street and Te Awa Ave crossing2.45pm – 3.00pm