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Our Values

We will be looking for all ākonga at Te Awa School to be aware of what a good learner does and to employ the skills and strategies of a good learner. The concept of Keen will be a key tool for establishing this understanding and the expectation will be that all ākonga put this into practice. Keen is also a value laden concept. Our ākonga will be encouraged to explore and model the values inherent in Keen.

Knowledgeable  |  Ako
Ākonga will know what they are learning, why they are learning this and what their next step in learning will be. Our ākonga will be striving to achieve to their potential because they are fully involved and passionate about their learning. We will be looking for our Positive Ākonga to develop into Lifelong Learners. Happy, Confident and Connected Learners.

Enthusiastic  |  Whakawhanaungatanga
Ākonga will feel a sense of belong at Te Awa School, strong relationship’s built through shared experiences and working together. Our ākonga will show intense and eager enjoyment in academic, sporting and cultural learning experiences.

Empathetic  |  Aroha 
Ākonga will be able to understand and share their feelings with others and learn in an environment of love and care.

Nurturing  |  Manaakitanga
Ākonga will learn to respect ‘Themselves’, ‘Others’, and ‘Property’. By showing nurturing, ākonga will respect differences in individuals and cherish diversity and equity. They will set and maintain high standards for themselves in everything they do.