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Principal's Welcome

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All our students are challenged to achieve to their full potential in an atmosphere which promotes learning, success and achievement as well as fair and equal opportunities. 


Our school ….


  • has an open door policy and an open relationship between parents and teachers
  • has attractive outdoor environment complemented by safe, interesting play spaces
  • has regularly updated teaching resources and equipment including computers and communication equipment which is available in each classroom.
  • takes prompt action when any inappropriate behaviour takes place
  • has students who are supportive of one another
  • welcomes students and their parents


Principal and teachers …


  • have clearly expressed expectations about what will be taught
  • have well developed written statements about how teaching programmes are structured
  • have well developed written statements about the learning objectives for students at various levels
  • have a strong focus on students as individuals
  • have a strong focus on the quality of the learning programmes and on student productivity
  • give positive feedback to students about their learning.
  • are fully conversant with Information Communication Technology and make good use of these resources in planning and classroom programmes


I feel very privileged to be part of the Te Awa School’s learning community. I am proud of our achievement levels and the learning environment we provide for our students. I welcome the opportunity to showcase our school to prospective parents.


Tim Van Zyl




School Life

Te Awa School is a delightful school of which the community is very proud. Since the introduction of "Tomorrow's Schools", Te Awa School has managed to utilise available funding to enhance and develop the school grounds and environment.

The children are delightful. They come from a wide range of backgrounds.

The community is very supportive but at the same time expects a high standard from its school. The socioeconomic range within the community is very wide-ranging, from those on benefits through to accountants and small business owners.

There are at present eight classrooms. The teaching staff are all experienced and very competent. They are dedicated to the children and the provision of quality education. They are forward thinkers who are always keen to find out about new trends in education and incorporate them in their programmes.


Learning Environment

We have created a learning environment which allows every child to reach their potential. Our philosophy is create children who are KEEN- Knowledgeable, Enthusiastic, Empathetic and Nurturing. Last year we set up a new positive behaviour for learning programme. Part of this is our new 'Golden Time' which is a reward for those children who meet classroom expectations consistently. This is a fun time that takes place every afternoon for a 20 minute session.


At Te Awa School we are proud to have a:

  • safe and caring environment
  • zero tolerance for bullying
  • commitment to small class sizes
  • variety of playing fields including netball court
  • an extensive multi-media library of the latest titles - all computer catalogued
  • stimulating and attractive classrooms
  • changing display of children's artwork
  • sandpit
  • adventure playground
  • regenerating native bush area - students learn about conservation values
  • design features by local artists
  • regular 'Duffy' assemblies and theatre where celebrities and sporting personalities visit to encourage good reading habits
  • a school swimming pool
  • 2 sets of computers on wheels
  • a Kickstart to learning programme
  • Interactive whiteboards in every classroom


School Rules

1. I am Knowledgeable- I know what is expected of me at all times

2. I am Enthusiastic- I always try my best

3. I am Empathetic- I treat others the way I wish to treated

4. I am Nurturing- I care for myself and others


These are the only rules we ask children to follow at Te Awa School.


School Day

9am- morning session begins

10.10am- fruit break

10.20am- morning tea play time

10.35am- second learning session begins

12.00pm- lunch play time

12.45pm- feed and read

1.00pm- afternoon learning session begins

2.20pm- Golden Time

2.45pm- end of school day